Spinning Day

Yesterday did not pan out quite as planned but did turn out to be a busy and most interesting day.  I hauled myself from bed at the paper hour and had my “Queen Mum’s” under way before breakfast. Spinning was to be at Crudy again and F is still plastered, so volunteer cake makers were required. The sun was obliging and I would normally have cycled up the island to Crudy but l had both the precious (and sticky) cake cargo and a visitor to transport.

A recent email from Tokyo told of a visitor coming to Sanday to view property. She hoped to meet some islanders, especially crafty ones. I had therefore issued an invitation to spinning. I set off to her B&B to collect her and we drove up to Spinning.

Spinning group was loud and lively! Gill continued the lesson for last week’s new member and our visitor, L, quizzed us about island life and filled in our curiosity regarding the property that she was viewing. Many oohs and ahs were elicited by the photos that L had taken.  Cakes were delicious. My spinning was appalling and so I gave up and got my knitting out! I also brought out the Ashford Merino/silk sliver for a Show-and-tell. Pigs were arranged. (Mmmm… sausages!)

Much of the conversation yesterday was regarding our missing person. I had just read the item on The Orcadian web site and E was able to supply some further detail. She told us that Police had been on the island since Tuesday and that the Coast Guard are also out.

After spinning I brought L home to quiz my Mr L about working from home via an Internet connection from the island. We looked at other properties listed for sale and decided to go for a nosey at one of them.  But first we went to visit Maggie and Paul at Backaskaill, where we had a lunch-cum-tea (excellent lentil, tomato and orange soup followed by a carrot and hummous sandwich on home made bread) and L purchased one of the fine knitted items offered for sale at Backaskaill…

We went for our nosey-parkering session and saw a very nice policeman on the way; we stopped for L to pass on some information that might be useful.

By the time I had dropped L off at the B&B it was early evening. So- the planned photos did not happen.

Today is grey and wet – no photos today either. Maybe tomorrow, though I hope to go on a Ranger-led walk in the middle of the day. Hope the sun shines! Dominique Cameron, one of our local artists will be on hand to give photographic advice as we visit an old mill. Should be fun.

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  1. SpinningGill
    June 11, 2009

    Do you want a lift to the walk? I have an LDO mtg at RD’s and am leaving that at 11.45 🙂

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