Spinning Day

Spinning Day dawned gloriously and made all possibility of driving out of the question. The one question that remained was: cycle, or Shanks’ pony?

I packed my rucksack, donned my hat and sunglasses, rubbed on the Factor 50, and walked off to spinning. I took my camera, in the hope of a few spring shots for PS4. Naturally the first thing to catch my eye was some leftover winter!


I love the sculptural shape of these stems outlined against the sea and the sky.

There were some great clouds about,


and plenty of lambs, of course…



I took my knitting and drop spindle with me but managed to not quite complete the Francie socks, thus no spinning was done.

Cake was cinnamon and sultana gluten-free buns.

The Francie socks were completed this evening and are drying on the new blockers. I find myself resistant to moving back to the Herringbone Rib socks (hates ’em, I does!) and am in a quandary over the bloke sweater. Suspect I’ll knit on the garter stitch shawl for a couple of days now. At all costs, I must resist casting on for a large and complex shawl – which is what every fibre of my being wishes to do just now.

The quandary over the bloke sweater is all to do with the poor stitch definition of the cheap yarn that I planned to use. I might make a plain sweater of it and defer the Duxbury Point sweater until I have a better quality yarn to knit with.

In Other News:

  1. I paid for my recent spinning purchases today and have money left from my recent contract payment. I am considering a loom. Seriously. Somebody should stop me.
  2. We are on our hols next week, so there won’t be much knitting or spinning being done.
  3. I had a birthday yesterday. Very nice it was too. We had dinner at Backaskaill, followed by a stroll on the beach.
  4. It appears that I am getting a new PC for my birthday – my old one is being hijacked as the office server machine as the current server is now formally declared deceased. ETA quoted as 26th May. CCL are good, but I doubt they’ll meet that delivery date!