Spinning Day

I have a migraine brewing today so didn’t fully enjoy my not-spinning (I took the knitting). Highlights were the Sephardic Cake, meeting F’s two new rams, and my bravely greeting Barnaby (even though he showed me his teeth.) Barnaby is a pony, BTW, and belongs to SpinningGill. Or maybe he’s not a phony but a real ‘oss. What would I know? I tend to keep out of their way as much as I can. Equines make me nervous.

The rams were wonderful – one is a little black Hebridean, very pretty, the other is an Ewok and I want to steal him and take him home to bed to cuddle. Actually, he’s a Ryland – and the cutest little thing ever, and really tame and friendly.

EwokRyland – spot the difference!

I want to buy some of this: BFL roving. Actually, I want to buy quite a lot – a sweater’s worth. It’s time that I worked my way up to a proper spinning project and practised some consistency for a while. I really enjoyed spinning the BFL tops that I was given. – and these look to be a stunning shade. J is going to have some too, if I send for some.

And now it is time to sit and soothe myself with a few more ripples on the Blink.