Sometimes I surprise myself

See this?

A finished sock

That’s a sock, that is! That sock was only in partial existence yesterday morning.

Thorfinn is a sock recipe that I conjured up for myself. It was intended as ferry knitting and has been on the needles for a very long time indeed. It went to town a couple of times, but not very often.

The Ferry Blankie has focused my mind on all my uncompleted socks. I need to get a crack on with them in order to liberate the yarn for the blankie. Thus it was that I found myself completely unexpectedly reaching for my Thorfinn project box yesterday ((Which was actually lined up at #2 in the WIP-busting plan I generated some time back)). I discovered that the heel had been turned already and all that I had to do was to pick up the gusset stitches and carry on along the foot. This I did. I kept on going… I knitted while Mr L cooked the curry. I knitted while he lit the fire. And I continued to knit while we supped wine by the fire and attacked the Guardian crossword.

In fact, Thorfinn was the only project that I knitted on at all yesterday and by the time that we had completed the Saturday crossword, I was almost ready to fashion the toe.

Tailored Toe

I made an asymmetrical toe, not to any recipe, but by constantly trying the sock on and tailoring it exactly to the shape of my very odd foot. It looks strange and you will just have to take it from me that it is a perfect fit.

While I tackled the toe, we attempted the Genius crossword. I’m afraid that we didn’t get very far with it at all! Couldn’t even get a toe-hold 🙂

I grafted the toe just on the stroke of midnight. Now all I have to do is to knit the second one and I’ll have one more ball of wool for the blankie…

Or do I? It dawned on me yesterday that if I have knitted one sock, I can weigh it, save enough yarn for the second and then wind off the remainder of the blankie. I did this yesterday with the Opal yarn that I am using for the WARNING! sock.

You see the flaw in the UFO-bashing-yarn-liberation plan? Those second socks may never be completed – especially if my new world domination fashion plan comes to fruition.

The new fashion trend for odd socks...

I think that I shall cast on the second Thorfinn with immediate effect and try to keep the impetus going. Perhaps I’ll take it to town on Tuesday, instead of the blankie squares.

There’s an interesting conundrum to be faced first.

Yesterday evening I considered the fact that I have a set of five 2.5mm nickel DPNs. Two are in use on the blankie squares. I was knitting the Thorfinn with four. Something was in error! I looked out my needle gauge and checked my needles. They all measured up to 2.5mm. ??? Absolutely. None of them go through the 2.25mm slot.

I examined my needles more closely and have reached the conclusion that some of them are in fact larger and must be 2.75mm. Either the gauge is poorly made, or the needles are. Get this – I was knitting my blankie squares on one of each size. It gets worse, though – the Thorfinn sock was actually on two of each!!

So, what do I do? Do I carry on as-is and knit my squares on one of each? I could be quite happy with this as I found it difficult to decide between the two sizes anyway. More importantly, doI knit my second sock on two of each size? Or do I correct the error?

Today I must knit some Evenstar, at least to the point of the end of Clue 2. If I do not it will really begin backing up on me.

Tomorrow is a working day and I shall return to my homepun shawl pattern design. Tuesday in town. Wednesday spinning. Thursday, I plan to write up the posh cowl pattern for test knitting. Busy, busy, busy.

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