Some progress is better than no progress…

WIP Wednesday again. Already? No, not possible!

Real life continues to intervene but I am slowly finding niches of  time in which to play. The Dido shawl that I reported on last week has made a little progress and I can reveal that the body stitches have been picked up and one whole repeat knitted! Laugh if you will – but it is at least sufficient to demonstrate to me that it is an easier-than-expected-knit. Always assuming that time can be found in which to knit, it should be completed to schedule, I think. I am going to pick it up again later today and knit on it with serious intent.

It will grow. Really, it will.

The really good news this week is that the blankie and I have been spending some quality time together.

The beauty shot

We really got a skate on…

The Stats

… and now it looks like this:

The Squares

I’m not so sure about that large square on the right. The plan was to punctuate the more tasteful swathes of shading with a splash of argumentative brilliance – little gems of colour bouncing right out of the background. The vision was OK, but the practice? Not so sure! I’ll see how it looks when surrounded by little squares but right now I just want to tear it right out of there.

The other WIP that I have to report on is a weaving WIP. The yarn purchase that I confessed to yesterday has already found its way onto the Knitters Loom (hereafter called Sprite) and is becoming a scarf, randomly striped in oranges and brown.


It has been likened to this… Upholstering Standard MGB Seats.

Now, I admit that there is a 70s vibe going on there but really, I do think that my stripes are rather nicer than those chosen by British Leyland, don’t you?

We return to our normal routine tomorrow – I hope very much to settle to some heavy duty knitting on a regular basis. I desperately need to clear some WIPs, as I am about to embark on another large project. More of that next Tuesday — in the meantime, I am going to be winding yarn and washing skeins.

Priorities for now: Dido, Twisted socks, Tribute socks, and those damned Very Terhi mitts – oh, and a mystery felting project. Cannot see much spinning or weaving being done for a while…

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