Some light relief

Mothering Sunday is not my favourite day of the year. This year I felt particularly low and yesterday was pretty much a case of filling in time until I could go back to bed. However, just as I was about to grab the crossword and a mug of hot chocolate, I looked out of the door and found the most amazing show of the Northern Lights going on.

Well, I had to grab my camera, didn’t I?

My first set of shots left much to be desired but we were forced in by pellet snow before I had time to adjust my settings.

Looking out again later, the snow had stopped and the lights were even stronger, so off I trotted out once more. I am pleased that I did. I even captured a ring

ring (1 of 1)

It was bitterly cold out there and very slippery underfoot, so I did not stay out long. As always I was hampered by the light pollution from the school and limited by the lack of interesting foreground.

This was the best show that I have seen to date – apart from that one amazing night in Methley all those years ago, of which I have no photographic evidence at all. That night there were pink and green zig-zag bands across the whole sky, though no apparent movement. I wish that I had an image of that. Last night there was plenty of movement though I caught mainly boring old green – there was much more red later on when we finally headed for bed. For now I am grateful that this show happened before we leave Orkney.  I should like one more good one before we go and I promise that, in the absence of snow and ice, I shall get the car out and go find a more interesting location.

I noticed on my way that my spirits had been considerably lifted. Thanks for that, Mother Nature.


  1. March 8, 2016

    Those are stunning photos and gorgeous colours. One day I hope to get to see the Northern Lights for myself. Thanks for sharing!

  2. March 8, 2016

    these are fantastic, thank you for sharing them ????

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