Some FOs

Water and Sky looks fantastic. It weighs just 18 grams, and therefore cost me  a snip of a £1.26. It’s very inexpertly blocked, but I didn’t see much point in wasting effort on it, plus putting it under too much tension would have made the hole worse. If I can repair it well, then I shall re-block it. I shouldn’t hold your breath, I am not adept with a needle and thread. I should take Mr L’s advice and knit another one. But is there enough time? Not to mention my reluctance to knit the same pattern twice…

alhambra4-thb alhambra5-thb


And the Cash and Burn socks are also finished objects, though photographed in a rather damp state.

cash-and-burn-FO-thb cash-and-burn-FO-2-thb

I like them. They are comfortable. I’ll do this pattern again, but with slight modifications – longer leg, more bands, less rib. I find ribbing very tedious, though clearly comfortable to wear as an end result. It’s a difficult balancing act.

The Merope socks are making great progress. I might even have a pair by the end of the week, if I keep my concentration up – but I do have an awful lot of prep to do for Wednesday… including freeing up some bobbins for my wheel – and I may start another Alhambra, of course. Whatever happens, I intend to turn the heel today. I don’t have much work to do on the dinner, so I’ll pour a glass of wine and put my feet up and make a start on the flap.

I’m beginning to feel productive. For a long time I felt as though nothing ever got finished, but I look at my FO list now and begin to see just how much I have achieved in the past 12 months. I’d still like to make a project of some substance, though. All these fiddly little bits do irritate me somewhat. Overall, I do feel like I am becoming a knitter again. My speed is starting to look something like it might reach the level that I used to have. I suppose I just need more practice, practice, practice. And better quality needles, of course.

Speaking of which – I am after some good circulars, for a challenge I want to take on. I tried to buy some Addis from eBay. I found what appeared to be a really good bargain, before realising that they were pulling a fast one on the p&p[1]. I challenged them about it. Did I get a reply before the auction closed? You guess… 🙂

[1] £15.99 to mail 4 pairs of circular needles by Royal Mail.