Socks on

Here’s the Hedera socks on the toes. Pattern slightly modified to accommodate the ridiculous length of my toes. I didn’t much fancy lace in the parts that would rub, so the stocking stitch part is maybe a bit odd-looking. I don’t care, cos they are dead comfy.

hedera-finished-1thb hedera-finished-2thb hedera-finished-3thb

I am soooo pleased with these; my second ever pair of socks. Sock count now = 5.

Which socks to do next? I am fancying Jaywalker, maybe. I think I want to knit up some of the yarn that I got from Violet Green – but really that should require a very special pattern. Oh, the decisions!

I want to cast on straightaway. Suggestions in the comments, please. I have 1 skein Stroud Wool Socrates, 1 skein Stroud Wool Supersock, 3 balls of Opal, more of the Cashsoft, and 3 skeins of Hipknits Cashmere sock yarn on its way, plus the Orkney Angora bits and pieces. Stash pics for Ravelry users here. Pick me a yarn,a nd suggest a pattern, because it’s too difficult for me to choose.