Sock Guilt

It was in the shower this morning, when Sock Guilt struck. I had been pondering that September would disappear in shawl KAL activities, and that Socktoberfest would soon be upon us. “I’m not engaging with Socktoberfest!” I thought to myself, as I lathered my hair: “Let’s face it – how can I?” I have so many projects started upon, and just as many (if not more) queueing up and clamouring for my attention.

I already know, at the back of my mind, that I want to give up on small projects like scarves/shawls/socks and get to grips with some sweaters. I have (some of) the yarn, and we have need of the warmth – plus I really do want to knit some sizable projects that yield great sense of satisfaction upon completion. Not only that, but I need to spin. Really spin. Change fleeces into sweaters’ worth of yarn, to … er.. knit those sweaters with. And blankets – I really want to knit a pile of blankets and throws.

Fair enough. Time to concentrate on UFO-whippage. (yes, I’m always saying this, aren’t I?)

And that was when I recalled the mighty pile of sock UFOs:  sock after sock, abandoned for a variety of reasons, and none of them good I daresay.

So, here’s the deal. I’m not signing up for Socktoberfest, but I’ll turn October into my own personal sock-completion-fest.

I have to, don’t I? A quick perusal of my hibernation pile in Ravelry yields these results:

  • Tay-lor-made Herringbone sock abandoned part way through the first leg, because I hate knitting them. It’s just plain hard work.
  • Thorfinn – improvised sock pattern, supposedly to be knitted on ferry journeys but never gets taken out for the day. Currently reaching the first heel, I think.
  • Mingus – I have no idea why these are not being knitted, they are just lovely. Probably just demanded too much attention at a time when my brain wasn’t up to it. About one and a half leg repeats achieved.
  • WARNING! – mixed recipe sock. One finished. Just failed to grab me. The lace pattern fails to show up in the printed yarn.
  • The Blues – Pomatomus socks, officially frogged, but still on the needles. I just put them down and lost my place and couldn’t remember where to start again. Also decided needed a change of needle size
  • Banksia – Blossom socks abandoned when it became evident they were going to be gigantic and I had problems with the heel. To be reknit on smaller needles, using a different wrap technique for the heel.

I’ll order them thusly, alternating excitment and boredom, I think.

  2. Mingus
  3. Thorfinn
  4. Banksia
  5. Tay-lor-made
  6. The Blues

Stick and carrot, all the way.

Or maybe in ease/speed of completion order?

  1. Thorfinn
  3. Banksia
  4. The Blues
  5. Mingus
  6. Tay-lor-made

And just see how many I can knock off in the month of October, shawl hangovers permitting. Then in November I’ll switch attention to sweaters – and that Icelandic pi blanket, of course.

Of course, none of this planned activity allows for knitting stock for the Christmas Fair, does it? Scarves/hats/mittens in abundance.

BTW – it is entirely possible that I’ll knit the second WARNING! sock as a plain and simple sock and delegate the mixed pair to house wear. After all this time I may not even remember how I constructed the first one. I certainly lack the will to find out.

Also… it is entirely possible that I have (ssssh! say it quietly) further socks hidden away and not yet listed as Ravelry projects. Oh, my.