So much for that plan

Yesterday saw me spinning, not nestled with a good book as planned. This because Jennifer came to visit and brought her wheel. We had a long session and I got quite a lot done. The book had to wait until bedtime. It’s a very enjoyable read and all that I really want to do today is to return to it. Lunch must come first, and some housework. Then I must plan a trip to town or we shall be eating dry crumbs before the end of the week. As if we weren’t already…

… we finished off the Cumin and Celery Seed crackers, made the other day for our tea last night. They were obviously not straight from the oven but still had an appreciable “snap”. Interestingly, the flavours had developed further and the crackers were tastier than when we made them. I am looking forward to making them again and will be testing new and interesting flavour combinations.

Today I am trying out some Fig and Black Pepper flatbreads. Should be yummy.

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