So gloomy

It is incredibly dark and gloomy this morning, and I needed my headlamp on to put out the rubbish. Now almost 9am and it’s still dark out there. I have been asking my beloved when the darkest morning falls – as we all know, after the shortest day, the mornings keep on getting darker for a while. He cannot remember the nitty gritty and so I shall Google…  I just need to know that we have passed the hump because, this morning, it is difficult to believe it so.

(Slight Pause)

So, Sunrise on Jan 1st was 9:06 and today it will be at  9:05,and thus the hump is passed. Maybe it is the rain that  makes it appear so very dark today. Whatever the cause, I feel the need to alleviate the gloom. If all goes to plan, there will be photographs later.

Notwithstanding the gloom, one hen literally flew out of the pophole this morning when I opened the hen hoose. With the aid of my headlamp, I followed her  rapid progress around the back of the house, behind the car, and into the field. The wee minx is still laying al fresco! Investigations have been made, and five eggs discovered beneath the errant chook. It’s madness, that she should choose to lay outside in the weather conditions that we have been experiencing. Say what you like about Black Rocks, they are most certainly hardy.

I am feeling far better today – perhaps because I took the step of finding a sock UFO yesterday and knitting a couple of inches of cuff. I feel less rattled, more soothed, better centered this morning.

It seems possible that my chauffeur today will require an amphibious vehicle in order to get up our drive to the house. I think perhaps I should go down to the road to meet her, and forsake my wheel for today. The sock cuff can come for an outing instead, and maybe a hexapuff or  two.

And now it is time to crack on with my day. The schedule of things for this morning includes:

  • Sling five eggs into a bucket of water and see what floats
  • Unpin Flukra
  • Pack stuff for spinning group
  • Leave some lunch for ‘is nibs – it’s day 1 back at his desk and he’ll be needing some comfort food


  1. January 3, 2012

    From my website. (times are for Narrrrrrch but you get the picture)
    date rise set
    20111220 0803 1542
    20111221 0804 1542
    20111222 0804 1542 solstice 05:30
    20111223 0805 1543
    20111224 0805 1544
    20111225 0805 1544
    20111226 0806 1545
    20111227 0806 1546
    20111228 0806 1547
    20111229 0806 1547
    20111230 0806 1548
    20111231 0806 1549
    20120101 0806 1550
    20120101 0806 1550
    20120102 0806 1551
    20120103 0806 1553
    20120104 0806 1554
    20120105 0805 1555 perihelion 01:00
    20120106 0805 1556
    20120107 0804 1558
    20120108 0804 1559
    20120109 0803 1600
    20120110 0803 1602

  2. January 3, 2012

    I think I’ve got a hen sitting at the moment! Goodness knows where she is, but it could be the one that hatched ten eggs last year, so having recently got rid of 13 or 14 birds, it could be ‘here we go again’ although at this time of year, if any chicks actually make it, I think they’ll need a heat lamp!

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