Excuse me while I have a little slump. Yours truly is pretty well fatigued right now. A day’s shopping on the mainland is always fatiguing, but fitting in a hospital trip as well just makes it one mad dash. So much of a dash that I didn’t even have chance to go buy knitting needles (I need some for Mr plumbum’s sweater plus I need to make good the shortfall from my John Lewis DPNs order, which is not going to be fulfilled) or (oh, knitting goddess forgive me!) to take advantage of the New Lanark Mills undyed yarn that I saw in RA Finn’s at £16.95 a kilo. I mean, pure wool yarn at £1.70 a 100 gms?! And I didn’t have time to go in and buy any???? *sob* What a dyeing adventure I might have had.

Anyway, we’ll be back on the mainland in mid-June, for two days running, when Nell has to go and see the vets. Maybe I shall have chance to indulge my yarn habit then.

I shall be back at the hospital in November too apparently, and likely to have had a trip to the hospital in Aberdeen prior to that. I shall have to fly, I think. Quite the adventure. If I go, I shall be having an overnight stay – as I shall be temporarily radioactive and can’t fly home in case I sit next to a pregnant lady.

Well, all the shopping is put away and the dogs have been exercised and now I need to flop. Oh, and eat.

The new sock is progressing nicely, though puzzling on the ferry took precedence over nautical knitting activities. In fact, I am almost up to the heel already. I think I like knitting fat yarn on big needles – what a speedy sock this is! Pictures tomorrow. I am far too tired now. I need fodder, beer, and bed. Not necessarily in that order.