Slowly, slowly, getting there

I kid you not, it is like being back in the middle of winter here. It is wet, grey, windy and quite frankly, dismal. There is very little available light in the house, making any kind of close work difficult.

blocked (1 of 2)
“Pavonated” – a Curl, now blocked and ready to give away

Gill brought me some more Art yarn today and I have wound both it and the skein from Katie this afternoon. The Curl and the orange shawl are both now blocked and dry. I just need to sew some ends in on the orange piece and then I shall be ready to give the two of them away. I have to say that I am more than thrilled by the outcome of both of these projects.

Orange triangular shawl also blocked and ready to gift
Orange triangular shawl also blocked and ready to gift

The Colinette throw is now blocking out in the RV on the bed and may happily take its to dry without interference from the cat.

blankie (1 of 1)

Next task: piece together the hooded scarf. 

After that: graft the underarms on Warriston and wash and shape that.

I feel as though I am catching up, though slowly. I should like to get back to work on Ripplerock, though not in these lighting conditions!

Am actually quite tired now and ready to snuggle down with some chocolate. I might knit a Hexapuff. Or not. Or I may seam that hood. Or not. Whatever happens, I plan on watching A Midsummer Night’s Dream later.

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