Sleepy Head

In conversation at Spinning Group yesterday I mentioned that I do not wake up well. The alarm may do its job and I might be vertical but I really do not wake up properly until around 10:00 am and not until the third coffee. This is one reason why I like my morning shower, it does at least get me part of the way there. Without my shower, I do not function.

Well, as happens from time to time, the shower took its own turn not to function this morning so I have only had a spit wash, just the one coffee and it’s not ten o’clock yet.

There has been An Incident With The Knitting.

As I was stirring this morning, I heard Mr L speaking to Suzie and asking if she had been laying traps. What the..?

I came in here after my sponge bath and getting dressed and I found this:

Yarn Guddle
Yarn Guddle

My knitting remained where I had left it last night, thankfully – and the ball of yarn was also in its place. The connecting yards were laid carefully on my chair by Mr L after he had collected them from around the house. Amazingly the thread was not broken – considering it’s a lace-weight softly-spun single! However, having to untangle the Gordian Knot when only half awake? Not easy!

I took this photograph yesterday when I went to put the rubbish out for collection. I made it my Blip of the day.

Undecided Weather
Undecided Weather

As I was posting it, it occurred to me that I might make a series of images of the bay by taking one each Monday morning. This would at least give me four or five images each month for The Changing Seasons project. Perhaps worth doing for 12 months anyway. All that I have to do is to remember in my usual half-awake state that I need to take a camera as well as dogs, rubbish and an old sheet down to the gate with me.

I do struggle with my Blips and rarely manage an extended period of daily images. One of my difficulties is that I am a homebody, rarely going out. I seem to believe that my immediate locale provides no interest – who wants to look at the same old, same old all the time?

Two things about that:

One – this particular photograph that I snapped yesterday with little thought looks wholly uninspiring to me and I posted at Blipfoto only because I had nothing else to post. I was surprised to find the comments that it received and also a number of “stars” were applied. There is something in it that I don’t see, obviously but more importantly viewers do not seem to find it boring.

Two – in considering the Monday Morning in the Bay project, I recognised that the view is never the same view twice. It changes considerably with the weather, the season, the state of the tide, the time of day and changes of light. Taking an image daily might over-egg the omelette a bit but once a week should nicely show off some subtlety.

I don’t think I would go for standing the camera in the same spot, pointed in the same direction kind of approach. The bay is too large for my lens so I’ll be informed by the view on which way to face my camera.

I’ll be needing some kind of weather-proofing or the project is likely to fall at the first fence.


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