Sky and Water II

Sky and Water II is on the way and I have cast on and knit the first pattern repeat. I chose a blue/grey shade this time.

I shall need to complete at least one pattern repeat a day. Judging by today’s performance, that’s aiming high. It’s funny – the first scarf caused me very few problems, but I spent the entire afternoon knitting and tinking, knitting and tinking, over and over again – and managed just the 18 rows overall.

No more for now. I have no sock knitted yet today and have remembered that I should be spinning to free up some bobbins for Wednesday.

Feel like I am wading through mud today. I had a terrible night last night and everything seems to be slightly out of phase and uncoordinated today.

On another note entirely, Copperpot has asked if she may use some of my FO photos to showcase her fibre batts. How flattering!