Shopping, shopping, shopping

Bumper post today:

  • 2 swap postcards from Swap-Bot swap
  • 2 separate packages of cotton fabric remnants via eBay
  • Package from Get Knitted including
  • Glove pattern
  • 2 balls Opal Uni for Mr L’s fingerless gloves
  • suede soles for my Mama Janes
  • an extra ball of Opal, because it is gorgeous colours and because I am weak and greedy.

I have just noticed the new Harry Potter range from Opal. I want some Hedwig! The Ron is rather nice too. In fact, most of the range is pretty tasty.


Puzzling last night was difficult and I feel puzzle fatigue coming on. We’ll try and hold out for tonight and do better than yesterday (when we came 7th – of currently 20 teams on the leader board) Our performance wasn’t shabby but we’d like to up our game if we can. The organisers tells us that tonight will be easier than last night. Oh, yes?

I need to do some knitting today. I’m getting behind on my targets and I need to free up my 2.5mm circular for Mr L’s glubs.