Shopping Day

It’s shopping day today – I could tell this by the complete absence of marmalade for my breakfast…obviously we were well overdue for shopping, the arrival of the Tesco vouchers…too late to be taken to Kirkwall, and also by the complete absence of Mr L…very eerie. The house seems so empty and quiet without him, not to mention cold without the heat that his computer kit generates when he is working – and I am surrounded by the accusing stares of assorted cats and dogs who seem unable to function without the proper order of things about them. I can identify with that, to be honest.

Why have I not gone? Because it is the ferry winter refit period and the shopping day on the current timetable is ten hours long. That is far too long to leave our menagerie of six alone. I also have two meetings today, as we move towards finalising the book. I shall be glad when it is done, not just to see a job well done, but also because InDesign is hurting my poor old brain.

Scratch lunch today, I dug some veggie Scotch Broth out of the freezer as there is only me to be fed. All the same, I shall need to keep my strength up for the mammoth putting-away job tonight, so a hearty soup will be just the job.

I want to be knitting. I am still at the stage where the knitting of Mr L’s sweater is actually exciting me. It’s making slow progress due to other matters being so pressing, but I can see how fast it would be if I could devote myself to it – and that is frustrating. Three balls finished, so about 20% done, and I am presently rollicking up the right front, past the armhole and into the neck shaping. Left front to be completed thereafter – I hope by the end of day, but it’s hard to see how that can be fitted in. It would be good to be able to start the back tomorrow, though.