Shelter from the storm

Very grateful to my neighbour Rosemary for the lift to spinning today. We arrived at the community room to find Christmas being cleared away, and a small flood in the kitchen. We were a small but intrepid band today, just the four of us – and only one wheel in operation. I took my Flukra to be admired (it was) and my Joshaqans for work (they made progress) – even The Brick was less brick-like than expected; with liberal lashings of butter, it passed muster.

It’s very wet here, but not so windy. Still very dark. There is a weather warning out, commencing at 3pm for a few hours – wind speeds are only predicted to be around 35mph, gusting to 50-ish. Nowhere near as bad as the Central Belt has been having it. The remainder of the week is currently predicted to have wind speeds no worse than that, so it looks like we are in for a quieter time than of late. About time too.

I’m going to settle down with my sock knitting and finish watching Cold Mountain on the iPlayer. The photo session that I planned this morning is on hold until there is some daylight!

Cold Mountain is a long film – I should have most of my sock done by the time that the film concludes. So, let us hope for a completion on those socks tomorrow. I’ll swing straight into the second Senneh sock after that. For the rest of the week I plan no greater exertion than a few hexagons. I’ll be spinning instead of knitting, whenever possible. Next week, I plan to make two hat commissions -  and do further spinning (or fibre prep.) There will be time spent in the workroom, throwing things away. EEK!

One thing that is not going to be done is the project I recently embarked upon to track my spinning projects. Moves to grow the Sanday Spinners operation will be overtaking that and I shall have to allocate time to proper work instead. That isn’t going to come easily. Making space to work in the workroom should help to concentrate my mind and my efforts. I am going to be requiring room for stock,  if all goes to plan.

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