Shake your Shouka

I was up and at ’em early today and had to be at the GP surgery for 9am, for a fasting blood sugar test. Being a little early I took my camera along the road to snap the East Kirk Gates for today’s Derelict Thursday blip. I had ten minutes to spare but there was a strong and bitterly cold wind blowing so I did not linger.

I need not have rushed for the surgery – when I arrived it transpired that the computers were down and not wanting to come back up again. Nurse D and I decided between us what I might be attending for and she took my BP (a good reading today, as ever) and drew some bloods.

Fasting for the appointment was no problem at all as Thursdays are Fast days anyway.

Our girls are now in the swing of production and I need to use some eggs up. That being so, our 500 cals today come in the form of Shakshouka (p 36, The Fast Diet Recipe Book.) Not unlike the classic Mexican dish  Huevos Rancheros, Shakshouka  is a spicy tomato sauce with eggs cooked in it, originating in Tunisia, it is usually served with bread to mop the sauce up.

The version in the book offers only 178 cals a portion and is ideal for 5:2-ers who like their calories as more than one meal. We however like our 500 all in one go so the dish will be heavily modifed today. I’m using up  6 4 eggs (I couldn’t fit 6 in the pan) and am adding 300 grams of cooked new potatoes left over from yesterday. There are still plenty of calories to be used thereafter, so I’ll add a large side salad. I may even be able to add a little oil dressing… sadly, no bread.

I did manage to wind off my purple yarn yesterday but the photos were terrible. No knitting has happened.

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second test

post by mail. who is this user Beth Loft 86390, France

October 29, 2020 at 12:12PM

It’s mass migration time! #livereportingfromtheroad #france #autumn2020 #thelockdowndash

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