Sh-Owl and Tell

I have been very restrained of late and done little shopping – it is amazing what a four figure overdraft can do for a girl’s resolve. On the other hand, I have never claimed to be perfect. Some funds have come in to my personal account though knitting up my stash for other people and there have been a coupleof modest purchases.

What do you think of this wee chappie?

Graphite Owl Needle Gauge

He is hand made, in Finland, from recycled plastic waste. He came with a delightful (and terribly useful/practical) free gift — a mini ruler and 2.5mm needle gauge with hanging ring for a  key ring or sock project bag etc.

(picture to come)

and with a Handy companion – SpinningGill’s birthday present

A handy tool!

The Etsy shop is here – the gentleman who makes these is raising funds to rescue polar bears – he has sock blockers, stitch markers, rulers, wrap gauges…

The other thing that I have to show you is  a book – I mentioned previously that I had succumbed to it.

To be perfectly honest, there are few patterns in here that I would want to knit. My preferred pattern by Nancy Marchant is the Hosta Scarf at Twist. The real value of the book for me is its technique pages, and they are useful. Not to mention thorough. A thoroughly useful book.

There are 25 patterns. I do like the manly cardigan, The Book Exchange, very much. A couple of the hats might make good practice pieces, and I might have a go at the laceweight scarf but I am far more likely to knit Hosta or the free pattern, Rodekool at Knitty… using the book as reference and tutorial material.

Coming Soon (and in the post): some gorgeous sock yarn and yarn bras. (Yes. Really. Yarn Bras)

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  1. February 7, 2012

    What a gorgeous shop. Thanks for sharing!

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