We have just bought a campervan! We didn’t expect to. You know how it is, you see these things on eBay and bid, never expecting to actually win – especially when the bid is well under value. This time we got lucky.

It has kind of messed up all of our plans for the holiday, but these were messed up anyway and at least we now end up having something of a real break.

The doors and windows arrived today and despite the overnight gale expected, Mr L hopes to fit the kitchen window tomorrow. Much depends on how well that goes.  I suppose if it goes well, one of the sitting room windows may get put in on Tuesday. Prevailing winds will dictate what goes in and where.

On Wednesday morning, the car is booked on the ferry for Mr L to take it in to the garage. He was planning on coming home on the midday boat but will now continue, by bus, to the Pentland Ferry and go to collect the van from its present owner, who is bringing it to Gill’s Bay for us. Mr L and van will return to Orkney via Scrabster and the Northlink ferry, staying overnight on the big island and returning to Sanday on Thursday morning.

I shall spend my free time putting together the basics of a camping kit and must confess to the fact that I am really looking forward to that.

We shall peruse the weather predictions and take off with the dogs for a night or two during the vacation break. I cannot begin to tell how excited I am to be going somewhere new with my camera! My spinning wheel will be coming along too. My knitting won’t be left behind either.

Mr L’s Cumulus users are going to have to get used to a new regime and learn to do without intensive user support until such time as we can fund some mobile data access. Me, I think a period of peace and quiet will be just the thing. We’ll take the Cribbage board with us, I reckon.

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