Two things:

1) my roving seems to be suffering from schizophrenia. I have a yarn of  two parts. Not at all sure what to do to rescue it – but parts of the singles are clear-cut shades-of-blue and the other parts are a subtly-hued blue-through-purple. Plans to chain ply are receding. Barber poles may be the way to go!

2) I foolishly looked ahead in the doyly pattern, to see how many stitches I get up to in the end. It’s not the end that’s the problem, it’s several rounds from the end – where I get three hundred and ten stitches. PER NEEDLE! Then they decrease a bit.

Phew! I think I need a lie down. Nine hundred and thirty stitches. *gulp*

Ok. Want to lay bets on whether I finish this thing?