Saved by the bell

The dog charity has been in touch to say that the person wishing to re-home their dog has regretted agreeing to have somebody come and photograph it. My services are not required and I am saved from melting at the sight of its big soft brown eyes. Phew.

I’m disappointed really. I had been looking forward to practising some pet portrait skills but it is a good thing that I shall not be exposed to temptation.

Also disappointed that my Jury cancellation notice has not arrived. I understand Mr L’s reticence regarding bookings when hard evidence has not yet appeared, so I have emailed and requested written confirmation. As he points out, it’s a bit poor. Suppose I had not happened to call them yesterday. It is Friday and I am supposed to attend on Monday. I might be away for the weekend and not see any mail arriving on Saturday.

So, all balls remain in the  air.

And the moment that I wrote that, the email confirmation arrived. Many thanks to the court for a really prompt response.

That’s kudos to OIC and Kirkwall Sheriff’s Court this week, for service above and beyond – though none at all for Transport Scotland who have not replied to my email after 48 hours other than an immediate general autoresponder.

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