Saturday Scamble 29 Jan

  • The rocks are laying now, at least one of them is – she gave us the dearest wee pullet egg yesterday.
  • a big box arrived today from Approved Foods
  • we are now getting 3 eggs per day from our girls
  • Turkish Delight is delicious
  • most of the eggs are being laid in Secret Places in the garden because…
  • … the chooks now demand to be free ranging…
  • … and who could blame them?
  • my Mingus sock is progressing, but not fast enough.
  • Turkish Delight is moreish
  • 40 rows of leg and half a gusset knitted yesterday.
  • I need more yarn storage crates
  • we are having a Nyonya style curry today, from a kit that came in today’s parcel (33p each!)
  • I am beginning to hate resent my Mingus socks
  • Mr L insists on calling the Approved Foods delivery the Red Cross Parcel.
  • I want to Cast On
  • these bullets are just avoidance and displacement because I hate resent my Mingus socks and would rather be casting on…
  • …or finishing my Antalya hat
  • there are wonderful Nyonya aromas emanating from the slow cooker
  • there is a man in the loft
  • he is fitting a daylight lamp in my workroom
  • I hope there is less swearing this time than there was the last time that he attempted it
  • I could feed him Turkish Delight if he gets upset again
  • Feb 1st is coming up fast in the outside lane
  • I should be knitting
  • Does Turkish Delight aid self-discipline?

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