Saturday Morning Confusion

So, Mr L is off work today and I made us a cooked brunch (bagels topped with smoked ham and scrambled egg with mushrooms) – that should keep us going for the rest of the day at the Annual Show.

So, clearly, it’s a Saturday, isn’t it?

Mr L tells me no, it is only Friday.

Whatever the day, we are off to the show. It’s off to the show, we’ll go. That’s an earworm that I have this morning. Just that snatch. I was struggling to recall the song. I could hear that bit of tune and recall only those few words…

I asked Mr L; he didn’t know. So I googled it.

Saturday Morning Confusion.(how very apt)

That song that I always loved that nobody else ever recalls when I mention it.

Exits left, headed for the showground, singing …Harry the dog had puppies last week

I’ll catch you later. Maybe I’ll get an FO post written this evening.