kermit Hot to Trot is heading for the frog pond.

I completed the heel and the first row of domino squares in the leg. I like the look, and the foot fits nicely – but the heel does not fit at all (too narrow and too shallow) and has holes in the shaping. I also think that the ankle is too skimpy.

So, a re-knit is required on larger needles and with a few pattern adjustments.

Maybe not in a hurry.

for-froggingthb You can see clearly in the photograph how very small the heel looks in comparison to the foot.

I’ll pick up the Pomatomus sock later today and work on that. I don’t have the heart to start again on the Smoking Hot Socks straightaway.


I took Constance into the garden this morning and sat spinning in the sun. This is what I am spinning – a Merino/Colonial batt from Copperpot, called Deep Fried Vegis – it’s tan, bottle green, and a pale yellow… like the inside of a courgette. I think I’ll try to Navajo ply this one – all of it. *gulp*

Probably some plain fingerless mittens, what do you think?

I’ll aim to spin it fine enough that a 3ply comes up around DK weight.

Stop giggling! I can try.

Or I could 2ply and aim for a fingering weight and make these mittens – but I do think that this yarn would be better chain plyed or it will become a real mishmash.


  1. Cat Enos
    June 7, 2009

    try using a long 40″ circular needle using the magic loop technique. Much more simple.

    • June 8, 2009

      Cat – l don’t understand how M.L. can help improve that heel?

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