Rhymes and Times

I am packing the van today  in the hope that we can fit in a couple of nights on Orkney next week. We have ferry tickets to use up and being over there with the RV would make sorting out Nell’s passport visit to the vet a lot easier. The car is now without MOT, meaning that if we were to take her in without taking Hank, we would be on foot with her. She is still not great on the lead nor is she confident with traffic about, so walking her up to Hatston is not easy.

As part of the van prep, I completed the task of counting skein loops on my North Ron handspun yarn. I have a rough yardage now but the Internet is not playing ball and I have been unable to look on Ravelry for a pattern.

My spinning wheel, kit and fibre are now all back out of the van because we will probably go somewhere next week where it would be inappropriate to use the slideout. Space will be at a premium. In fact, much of the packing that I had done for this winter’s trip is now temporarily undone!

One step forwards and two back.

The remainder of my OU mailing arrived this morning and we spent quite some time in bed with the Faber Book of Beasts, playing a guessing game as to which animal poems might be in there and which would not. I tried to explain to Mr L that it is not necessary to declaim every poem. I also had to explain that yes, half rhymes are acceptable. He remains sceptical.

Bhaji on the Beach is coming with us next week for our evening entertainment. I shall take the Beekeeper’s Quilt for my knitting and the Faber Book of Beasts to dip into. Mostly we hope to be out walking, if the weather should hold. I shall take the camera.

Mr L’s task today is to service the ride-on lawn mower. As far as he can. Parts have been ordered in those moments when the Internet is working at an acceptable speed. The drive belt for the blades came today and that is now fitted.

It is 17 years to the day (not date) since I first woke up with Mr L in my bed. He had arrived at my door with his bag of clothes on the Friday afternoon and has scarcely left my side since. Lovely man. Come to think on it, there was no poetry reading back then…

Ten years ago, we moved in to this house on the same date that we began living together in 1999.

It feels as though it should have been this week that we left for our big adventure… just to keep the dates tidy .

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