Retro delights

Yesterday saw the freezer filled to the very top so I shall not be baking until I have used up some of the bread in there.

We shall start by digging out the Epi for dinner tonight, when we are having our second anniversary dinner. This one is far more interesting than last week’s and has far more fresh components involved.

We’re going retro. I have some caramel oranges steeping already – brandy in the caramel and a dish of Mascarpone and Yoghourt whipped together with a little honey and some orange flower water. I am always happy once the pud is organised.

The main course is Coquille St Jacques – I have just finished piping the Duchesse potatoes. The starter will be a simple salad and the epi with some good olive oil to dunk it in.

Excuse me while I find my flares…

Of course, it isn’t going to be as straightforward as our plans… Mr L is presently in the garden, unblocking the drains!

I just hope that our after dinner chocolates arrive in time. I ordered them over a week ago, on Boxing Day, from Hotel Chocolat’s sale. In years past they have always arrived in time for our anniversary on New Year’s Eve, as they were sent by Royal Mail. This year they are coming by courier and I still await them… even though, according to tracking, the claim is that they were delivered yesterday! It’s getting a bit late now to expect them, but our local haulier does do a delivery run early on Saturday afternoons… fingers are crossed

Seriously, Hotel Chocolat, you have failed to impress this time. Next year, I’m going Thornton’s. Nowhere near as good, but at least they will be on hand when needed. What’s more, I can afford those, with very little guilt attached.

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