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Knitspot Pattern Reference

Jan Hostage produced this useful reference guide to Anne Hanson’s Knitspot Shawl and Scarf patterns for the #1 Knitspot Fan group on Ravelry.

Enhanced File

Version 2: uploaded 11 January, 2009

The enhanced file has added features:

  • Metric equivalents [1]
  • Hyperlinks to the pattern source
  • Status flagging (Knitted, Purchased, Want)
  • Conditional formatting
    • Patterns Purchased but not yet knit are highlighted
    • Some zero data is formatted white to avoid clutter
  • Data validation – to allow easy entry of future patterns
  • Filtering – to aid navigation through the file

The layout is slightly different, with some combined data cells now being separated into different columns.

Download the file
  1. Excel 2007 version .xlsx ::  knitspot-v2 xlsx
  2. Backwards-compatible .xls file for Excel 97 – 2003 :: knitspot-v2 xls

Original File

* knitspot_shawlsscarves

(.xls file)

You are welcome to take any of these files and to download and modify for your own purposes. This version was uploaded on 10th January 2009. Any queries should be directed to Jan Hostage, aka close2me

Future Enhancements

Possible future enhancements may include a search facility on the suggested yarns and/or pop-up images of the patterns within Excel


[1] Spurious accuracy removed from Metric lengths – please use these as a guideline only.

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