Reporting in

I was given a new toy today – a Nexus smartphone. I plan to play with it fully, though I doubt I shall make many phone calls.

There has been knitting, reported at Sanday Spinners. Both my cotton doily and my alpaca Kadril scarf are making progress now that my cardigan is finished. There have also been photographs – I took a brief trip to Stromness. I have even blipped! Kitchen activity has been low key and largely unreported.

Try as I may, I simply can’t seem to find time to get around to spinning. Must try harder.

I am devastated, after so many years of supporting WordPress and being part of that community, to find that my blogs are now subject to advertising. Devastated, and disgusted. When a company has such a long-standing commitment to supplying free software I find it goes very much against the grain to bring in advertising and make money from their users in that fashion. I shall be moving all my content to self hosted sites as soon as I can so some of the links above will cease to work.

Matt, you have let me down. Badly. I feel dirty… grubby and used.

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