Rejoining the world for a while

I am one very tired woman today. I had a bad night, feeling all the various pains and discomforts from cycle-riding and the overuse of the keyboard. The pain in the middle of my shoulder blade just kept on biting at me, my elbow was very sore no matter which way I lay my arm down, and my fingers were all pins and needles. Mr L had rubbed plenty of Ibuprofen Gel on my sore bits for me at bedtime but I eventually gave in and went wandering in search of some pain killers to take internally. They did the trick after a while and I did grab some sleep before somebody began snoring. I woke up very wheezy and nauseous of course – that’s the Ibuprofen for you, it aggravates both the asthma and the stomach. You can’t win them all, can you.

Today I struggled on with the final few edits on the document that I have been DTP-ing. I think this may be it. It should be away to the printers in the morning. It’s not the very end of course, because we shall have to check the printers’ proofs yet – and once the books come back we have to stick the CDs into them… and hopefully post a heap out to waiting buyers. Oh, and hold a party…

My poor computer really struggled to export and also to print the document – the PDF came out at 106MB! And all the (very long) time that was happening, I had emails coming in asking me to do things on a variety of web sites that I manage. Work just keeps on piling up. It is quite depressing to view the state of my mailbox.I managed to post some news items at the Sanday Community site today, but I have much more to do yet.

All the same, we are on holiday next week and I shall steel myself to ignore much of what is waiting for me. It isn’t fair to Mr L to chain myself to my desk during one of his precious holiday weeks. I must give him my attention. I must also try to complete his sweater! It is the least that I can do.

It is MUMS puzzle week beginning Monday. We are still welcoming team-mates – get in touch if you want to take part with us, but I do need a valid email address from you in order to add you to the team.

Betwixt MUMS and Mr L’s hols, I think my PS4N projects will be falling by the wayside; I’ll do my best to keep my hand in when I can.

That’s it, really.

Can’t believe it is practically April…

Actually, now I think on it, I haven’t received my March “Yellow” RAK parcel yet! And here I am, ready to send my April outgoing one off. Maybe I’ve been forgotten about? Hope not – it would be good to have something to look forward to.

I just read this back – I sound depressed? I’m not, truly.  In fact I ought to be elated now that the DTP stuff is done.  I think it’s just the tiredness sapping my spirits. I’m off to my bed now and I don’t care that it’s only 7pm.

G’night, one and all. See you in the morning.

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  1. March 28, 2009

    You really sound as though you’ve been through the wars! I hope you’re feeling better today.

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