Well, I didn’t get in my hour before breakfast, due mainly to being busy packing the car with my wheels ready to go and deliver the morning’s activity session at the school. I think that teaching 8/9 year olds how to spin probably constitutes a reasonable excuse alternate activity. I think that’s at least equivalent to a good hill climb, don’t you?

It went OK. And there was  a surprise bottle of wine in it.

I have spent the time since I came home; unpacking, comfort eating, unwinding, doing web site updates, and completing a sock.

Yes, the first Merope is finished. It is a very good looking sock. Only a couple of errors in it. I must cast on for the second immediately.

I think that perhaps no spinning will be done today. I do hope to do my daily 18 rows of scarf though (which I may report that I did manage to fit in last night after all.) It would be good to keep up the momentum. But I do feel very tired. 2/17 repeats done, and a long way to go!

I shall do double spinning tomorrow, to make up for today’s loss of time.

Right, where is that gin?

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  1. SpinningGill
    July 9, 2008

    Yes, I found a bottle of wine sitting in our hall this afternoon as well… 🙂

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