Reasons to be cheerful 1.2.3…

It’s not all doom and gloom up here. I thought I should balance out the last post with some cheer.

  1. I found some money languishing in an online savings account. It hasn’t made me rich but transferring it to my personal account has put me back in the black and given me an itch to spend a little (“You’re welcome, we can spare it“?). Getting paid for a design job and for two knitting commissions as well means that for once I feel almost flush.
  2. My first handspun knitted project, a hat for Mr L, turns out to be totally windproof in a Force 8 Gale (“anything that rocks“?). Fancy that! So I intend to make myself one  – it’s a simple ridged “Noro Hat” and I made it in 100% Merino, handspun from a Copperpot roving. The yarn was a Navajo-plyed 3ply of approx heavy DK weight. In the light of Reason To Be Cheerful #1 (above) I now have this roving on its way to me

    Mango Berry Merino Custom Blend roving by Copperpot
    Mango Berry Merino Custom Blend roving by Copperpot
  3. We are getting a head start on the weekend and having a simple supper of French Bread, Garlic Pate and Red Wine (“A little drop of claret” ?)… in front of the “telly” with some old recordings of Soap. It might be wet and windy outside but we’re set for a pleasant evening of tasty nibbles and warm cuddles (“Slap and tickle“?) with a side of helpless giggles thrown in, courtesy of the Campbells and the Tates..

Can I throw in a bonus?

Reasons to be cheerful part 4 – the fact that we ever had and enjoyed Ian Dury. Much loved, much missed.


  1. January 31, 2009

    Lovely to hear all that good news!

    Ah, I miss ‘Soap’… and even more so Ian Dury 🙁

    • January 31, 2009

      @Heather Cawte, We got through to episode seven, in a marathon viewing last night. Still plenty to go at. Not sure how well it has aged, to be honest.

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