Reading optimism

Finally went down to the family room to investigate the bookshelf. It wasn’t a very positive experience. There were some books in German and my facility with that language is minimal. Mr L was also investigating and declared all the books in English to be "Women’s Books", which I took exception to but he wasn’t far wrong really, there was much Romance and Chick Lit on offer plus a few thrillers of dubious quality.

Mr L came away empty handed. I left Jeffery Archer where he was but selected three titles that promised more than the other books present. One is a memoir from the Deborah Devonshire, being the littlest Mitford girl I am expecting it to be interesting. I just hope that it is well written. The second book is non-fiction from China: The Good Women of China, by Simran, and looks as though it should be a fascinating read. The third choice looked to be the best of a bad lot and expectations are low, but you can’t judge a book by its blurb… The Villa in Italy by Elizabeth Edmondson appealed to me due to mutterings from the other half regarding giving Portugal a miss next winter and giving Italy a second chance.

Was very pleased to see that somebody has taken Wool away for reading. I hope that they enjoy.

Mr L is going to look at my Kindle books for his next read. He has access to all of the ones bought at Amazon UK but cannot see the ones purchased since we moved to France, including the two sequels to Wool. This is a nuisance. I may have to loan him a device to read on but that’s okay because I am reading a physical book, the Kate Mosse, so can’t simultaneously deploy my phone or tablet.

Perhaps we should watch a DVD instead?

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