A quick look at Ravelry shows that I now have just the one WIP. The BSJ needs a few rows to see it finished – maybe half an hour’s work.

I could cast on a new project.

Or I could sign up for the WIPS wrestling event in the Ravelympics and tackle some of my officially dormant projects. I see seven six five ZZZ projects that are really WIPS-gone-cold. 17 days to WIP-em-off. Hmmm. 1 freeform project (doesn’t count – strike one), about 4.75 socks equivalent, and 2 most-of shawls (well, one isn’t even started, just swatched – strike two), and 1.25 mitts to do.

I think I’ll cast on the second Hamsa scarf, just to keep on the back burner simmering, and I’ll wake up the rainbow swallow tail shawl. Maybe I’ll even knit on Mr L’s socks…

I shan’t sign up for the Ravelympics, but will adhere to the spirit and do my own thing without external requirements being imposed.

It’s good to see the WIP and dormant piles going down – but there’s a lot of failed-start-again-stuff to work on as well, plus a huge stash of sock wool waiting for attention. Oh, and Mr L’s sweater to start on too!