Quite by accident…

It was a complete accident that I found this week’s thrill – and, believe me, it is a pretty thrilling thrill indeed.

I was exploring Brave New Knits, a thrill in itself, I am sure all knitters would agree. (And, if you are interested, Amazon are quoting 5th September and taking pre-orders at £12.74) I am very taken by the shrug that Jared features in his blog post about the book

Now, I cannot tell you how it came about but during my explorations I fell upon the Starmore trail. I discovered that the Fishermen’s Sweaters book that I have has been republished. Then, then…. I realised what Amazon was showing me: Alice’s Aran Knitting book is to be republished too, and in expanded form (an extra pattern). After all this time of scouring eBay for a copy at something under £250…. it can be mine for a mere twelve quid!!!!

St Brigid can be mine. At last. And so can Na Craga (well, it can be Mr L’s – I have longed to knit it for him for the longest time.)

No. Really. I can not express how deep this thrill runs. Don’t ask me.

I pre-ordered — of course! Oh, the thought of all those lovely cables. Can’t wait!

Publication is at the end of November – Aran Knitting would make a fine Christmas gift  for any keen knitter, or for yourself :-)  (Na Craga KAL, anyone?)

Now I am wondering if I should also treat myself to the Fair Isle book as well. I’ve never been much of a fan of Fair Isle, or colourwork in general, but I’d like to prove that I can do it if I want to…