Puzzled? We will be

The temperature dropped last night an I believe that I slept so much better for that. I was so flat out this morning that Mr L got up, walked and fed the dog, unpacked the printer and printed out five puzzles without waking me. He finally roused me by standing at the foot of the bed waving a sheaf of papers at me and shouting: “puzzles!”

He also brought a mug of tea and a pen and we lay in bed assessing the puzzles and working on the first one. I went to the team’s shared documents to make notes on where we were up to, to find Liz and Phil mid-solve. So I went to update the fifth puzzle, to find that they were there ahead of us too.

I fear redundancy 🙂

Mr L is away out with the dog as the weather is too good to waste. I am staying home and waiting for my course mailing to arrive. I shall try to knuckle down to Cleopatra in their absence and leave puzzles for later, taking a walk this afternoon as I have a tutorial at 7pm.

I’d best crack on.

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