I bought myself some precision scissors (at long last – been putting it off for five years!) and they arrived today. I am going to try some decoupage work, believe it or not.

Wild Island - a decoupaged whisky tube I made for a Trans-atlantic RAK package. Not very good - it should present a smooth surface, which it does not

Not the proper old-fashioned decoupage, which I have dabbled with in the past (just the once) but the new kind of decoupage where you buy a pre-printed sheet, cut it up, layer the bits, and come out with a 3D… thing – usually a mediocre greetings card, but I have seen some excellent wall art. When we were in Wanlockhead, a local musician had several example on his wall – where a friend had decoupaged the images from his music CDs for him. Truly impressive work.

I have never been much good at “cutting out” which is why my decoupaged whisky tube used torn images “for effect” – and for better looks 🙂

So, I got some precision decoupage scissor from an ebay seller and I have a decoupage sheet from another. I have reached the conclusion that precision scissors offer little benefit without precision eyes. My need for new glasses is becoming desperate!

I may take the stuff to Craft Club tonight. I’ll let you see the results, laughable or not.  All I have to do now is to find my tube of silicone glue…

Not just yet, though. There is work to be done today. Much work.

I’d rather be knitting.

The second Amanda Hat is half done. No further progress on the man sweater.

I wonder what I can produce for lunch today.