Skaill Sunset – backblipped

Me and Mr L, together with Suzie and Nell, set off for our first trip in Brunhilde on Monday morning. We caught the early ferry and were on Mainland for 09:15. The dogs had a run at Weyland and then we went shopping at Lidl and Tesco for some supplies and into town for more supplies and a fish and chip lunch. We called in at Tait’s to see if the car was ready and it was – we said we would collect it on Wednesday on our way home.

We drove up to Skaill Bay and parked up in the car park close by the toilets and went for a play on the beach. We decided it was as good a place as anywhere to stop over night. We tried to call the ferry office to book the car on the boat home on Wednesday but there was no mobile signal.

After a coffee break we walked up to St Peter’s Church, where I took many photographs, and Mr L found a phone signal. We returned to the van to open a bottle of wine and eat the cheese we had picked up from Kirkness & Gorie earlier. Another run on the beach for the dogs and then we put them to bed whilst we had a quiet half hour on the beach, watching the sun go down. The master of this vessel failed to get his timing right – I had hoped he would get the sun right behind him.

We were blessed by amazing weather for our entire trip – with constant sunshine, barely a breath of wind, and fabulous Orkney Clouds giving interest to the blue sky. Everynbody we met (with the exception of one particular group of “ladies”) was happy relaxed and friendly and passed the time of day… and notes on the wonderful weather.