Nailed it

Nailed itAfter something of an absence, I took my camera to town today. I had much fun at Jewson’s just playing with patterns and textures. Lots of material today but this box of something to do with cavity wall building made the cut due to the myriad “selfie” reflections that emerged when I looked at the capture. It looks like a box of Xmas tree decorations to me.

My [url=]”nybblets” 365 project[/url] bit the dust last week when I did something similar myself. A nasty tumble, a badly bruised knee and a hamstring injury made me so pained and miserable that the camera has been collecting dust all week. That’s maybe unfair to myself as a measure of house remodelling also comes into the equation. Anyway, having blobbed on the 365, I am going to mothball nybblets and simply try my best to manage an image a day here.