Moving on

Moving onYesterday was the first day of my UFO-busting month. Photographs failed to emerge because, well, yesterday was pretty much a non-event. A quiet day, one might say. 

I did at least identify a project that I felt I could work on and make progress. My surprise was that it was not knitting, but Tunisian Crochet. 

I am working on my “stashbuster” blanket with the intention of finishing it in the next few days or weeks. So far I have (a) added six inches in length to the blanket and (b) realised that it is never going to be six feet long (it would be way too heavy and difficult to wash.)

I will either add 30% more, or aim for a dead 48 inches, OR say I’ll give it a week or ten days (I haven’t decided yet) and see where it gets to. Ask me again in a couple of days what’s happening because I simply do not know yet.

In the meantime, the weather outside is vile but I am as warm as toast with this monster on my lap.

It’s a comfort on a deeply disappointing day. The news from Blip Central is dismal. I am very put out to have put my money forth to become a Life Member of something that I thought was small and perfectly formed just as it was – to then be sold out and handed over to Big Business.

I call [i]foul![/i]

So, Life Member or not, I don’t know that Blip has my interest any longer. I shall need to consider.

EDITED: to add to map, just to show we are not homogeneously USAnian just because we’ve gone all [i]Corporate[/i]. FFS the US is NOT the centre of the universe. Gimme the UK back, pls!

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