Monday Outlook 16/3/15

Monday Outlook 16/3/15[b]IMPORTANT UPDATE[/b]
[i]Blipfoto Ltd has gone into liquidation. It was not voluntary. There is a chance that this site will simply disappear in a puff of smoke with no warning.[/i]

[i]It is a sad day indeed and I hope some rescue plan can be put into place. I have my own rescue plan in operation for all of my posts and images. [/i]

[i][url=][b]Simon Blackbourn[/b][/url] has written a WordPress import plugin for self-hosted (i.e WordPress[b].org[/b]) sites. It is a bit rough and ready at present but is doing the import job at a basic level – photos and text. See Facebook Group Blipfoto Friends for details or [/i][url=][i]download from GitHub [/i]

I am running out of ways to make the view interesting – but then, that’s not the point, is it. The point is to show the bay in all its guises and to see how the view changes with the season, the weather and the light.

All a bit grey and uninteresting this morning. Dry, a bit breezy, dull.

Last week’s Outlook[url=] is here [/url]
This week’s is also [url=]here[/url] – I have opened a [url=]365 account[/url] in order to settle myself in, in advance of whatever dire thing may be happening here. For now I shall be duplicating – I intend (at the moment) to use my Lifetime Membership right up to Blip’s last gasp. I reserve the right to change my mind.