365:24 So, I had this brilliant plan for today’s image…

Those of you more comfortably numerate than I will no doubt find this strange but it has [i]always[/i] fascinated me that the only time you never see on a 24 hour clock is… 24:00. It so enthrals me when I wake in the night and peer fuzzily at the clock only to see 00:00. I confess: every time I can be heard to mutter [i]”OMG – TIME STOPPED!”[/i]

So, I planned to set up ready for the midnight shot tonight. My clock sits on top of the wardrobe so I was going to bring in a stool to stand on. The camera settings and focus would be readied. I would sit up late with my book.

I was nodding off when it struck me – I was a day out. I needed to take this image before going to sleep and not in 24 hours time. I checked the clock – 23:58 – leaped out of bed, grabbed the first camera that I could find and hopefully set the dial to Auto. Back in the bedroom a sleepy husband uttered muffled profanities from beneath the duvet. Me? I uttered not so muffled ones as I tried to take an unprepared shot, in the dark, at arm’s length above my head.

I dared a few shots before gracefully returning to bed. The camera had trouble with the auto focus and I couldn’t find the manual switch in the dark.

This is the best that I got but on reflection, this is just[i] exactly[/i] how the time looks to me when I try to check it at night.

Not the greatest photo ever taken but it is my representation of 24. Now, what can I come up with for 25?