Plugging away

I am trying to keep off the computer as much as possible – having overdone it recently, and with an eye to how much work there is to be done soon. It is causing much hurty hurty – the only sensible course of action is rest. Forgive me if absences are lengthy.

Work progresses! The new site is pretty much a thought experiment for a few days. I may not be keying, but the brain is constantly active, thinking through issues and possible setups. To facilitate the thinking and to keep myself fully occupied, there are vanilla socks on the needles. These are in various stages of development as they are to serve as demos for the sock course that we hope to run soon. We have our first booking! We need five people to make it an economic proposition, so four more to go…

Mr SpinningGill is assisting Mr Woolgatherer in the garage again today. The womenfolk will be thrashing out ideas and plans and costings.

I think that I would like gin with that.

It’s a horrible day today – grey, wet and windy.

All the more reason to think on gin.

Next week will be busy. Got to go to town one day, the import parcel should be arriving (it’s lodged in Customs at East Midlands just now) – and there is the spectre of socialising on the horizon too. I kind of wish that I had not woken with my back prodding at me again. I need my speed and flexibility just now – being hobbled will not do.

Oooh- postie is on the way. Hope my Lakeland parcel has come.

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