Plan A

Saturday was a dismal day. The rain simply tanked down. We got a good soaking at the bottle bank, did some shopping at the Community and Corses shops and then headed to a house-viewing appointment.

I think that the house viewing was a success. It has toned down Mr L’s ambition to move back to Scotland. He liked the house very much (and I already knew that I did) and has done some calculations to support his idea that a cheap enough house on the island will leave enough over to fund a camper van, for frequent reinvigorating trips to the hills .

The house that we want has been on the market for quite some time. It will be a minimum of some months before we can make an offer, but we have now brought forward plans to get the current house fit to market. In fact, Mr L spent Sunday with a paintbrush in his hand. There is every chance that our chosen property will be sold before we can sell our present house, given the current state of the market, but you never can tell. We hope that Plan A works out, because we both have a very clear vision of our life in that place.

So, if you fancy a spacious 3/4 bedroom house  on a windswept acre right by the sea in Orkney… you know who to get in touch with. We do not have a Home Report yet but would move quickly on that if any early enquiries came in 🙂 For now we are tarting the place up ready for photographs.

We both love this house and it will grieve us to leave it, but Mr L just does not want to work for much longer and we need a place that we can buy without a mortgage attached. Otherwise we would happily stay here forever. The blow for me is softened a great deal by the thought that we can stay on the island. I was really very unhappy at the prospect of leaving.

So, today I am bouncing with happiness and excitement. My head is full of plans and layouts and facts and figures and my heart is stuffed full of hope. My tummy however is full of lentil broth.

The fly in the ointment is: wherever am I going to put all my fleece and fibre?

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