Philosophically speaking…

If a body had sort of promised themself that no new projects would begin… you know, like if a body was concentrating on clearing up UFOs… and if a body was faced with a project bag containing paid-for pattern, purchased yarn and needles… would a body be correct in calling that project bag a UFO?

Well, it may not have been a UFO at that stage – but it certainly is a WIP now.

It took a lot of getting going (I hate doing circular starts) and maybe the failures were a message to me. However, got it going, I did. And it is making me smile.

Not far enough on yet to create a Project page at Rav. It may all still come to naught. We shall see.

in Other News – I am  unable to find needles for my commission knits. I need to get them done asap. If I could cope with bending better, I would be able to have a good rootle. As it is, all that I seem fit to do is to sit still… and knit.

It has been a very busy day over at Sanday Spinners. A day of wrapping, account creation, and new customer acquisition. It is all very exciting. I doubt we shall ever be as large as Tesco, but I do hope that one day we shall be able to draw something out of the business :-}

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