Pay It Forward now closed

It’s the 1st February and  that means that the Pay It Forward giveaway is now closed. I hope that the concept remains and would urge readers to consider making a similar offer on their own blog space when they have the resources to do so. It’s good to give.

There were thirteen commenters in the thread:

  • Chris and Kari opted out, asking not ot be included in the giveaway
  • Donna, Erika and Muoriska commented int he thread but not apparently as entries
  • One commenter is a clear attempt at entry, but failed to follow the “rules” and post a tidbit of entertaining knowledge for us – so sadly, Janeen disqualified herself
  • Which leaves seven bona fide entries

I used a somewhat unusual method of random selection – I wrote names on pieces of paper, sprayed the paper with catnip, scattered them about, and then observed which pieces of paper attracted the cats to them first.

Treacle chose: Kirsty’s item regarding commemorative equine statuary. When I took this off him, he chose the alternative of Barbara’s information about knitting bloggers (Oh, we are so common!)

Teddy chose: beautyredefined’s astronomical nugget. He was very reluctant to let it go and I have the marks to prove it.

Congratulations, ladies. I shall be emailing you to notify your win, which is unconfirmed at this stage. Please let me know what you would like me to make for you.

As a reminder:

  • I will first check your blog to see that you have posted a PIF giveaway before confirming your winner status
  • I will make something just  for you – your prize will not come from ready-made stock
  • Your prize can be something that you request, or a surprise
  • Your prize may be knitted or not-knitted (please don’t ask for crochet!)
  • The item that I make  for you may come from a skill I have already practised, or be something entirely new to me – I am open to challenges
  • I have until the end of 2009 in which to post your prize
  • I will try to make whatever you ask for me but am constrained by both time and finances – I reserve the right to substitute an alternative
  • You may nominate an alternative recipient if you wish, but you remain responsible for the paying forward.

Some suggestions:

  • knitted scarf/hat/socks/mitts etc.
  • handspun skeins
  • something felted or fulled
  • hand-made stab-bound book
  • set of greetings or notes cards
  • set of ATCs
  • something nice from my kitchen – fudge? lemon curd? anything that will keep for a few days and will post successfully.
  • challenge me to get on and try paper-making – ask for my very first examples!
  • ditto with paper marbling/indigo dying/cyanotype prints
  • an original print from one of my photographs
  • something else

Commiserations to those who were unlucky this time. Keep an eye open for more offers. (I know that I am late in getting the next giveaway Up. I’ll try to sort it out in the next couple of days.)


  1. kirsty
    February 1, 2009

    Wow how exciting, and just what I needed to cheer me up after an awful weekend!

    I will sit down and write my blog entry tonight, once college work is finished, and get back to you!

    thank you oh clever pussy cat!


  2. February 1, 2009

    thank you so much! And, thank your clever kitty. 😉

    I will be posting and then back to you with a link to the post.


  3. February 1, 2009

    okay – I think that should be the proper url – it is set to post in about 9 hours – 1 a.m. Alaska time on the 2nd.

    thank you again.

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