I solved the hat:hands  problem.  There were three repeats left, so I elected to knit one this morning, do one this afternoon, and the last one tonight. This probably means that the grafting will wait until tomorrow now.

Normally I do not knit in the a.m. I attempt to imitate something approaching domesticity prior to lunch but today I sat down with the iPlayer and listened to Pick of the Pops – the first (1970) half. That being so, I can tell you for certain that one repeat of Antalya takes me 45 minutes, when my hands are fresh.

It makes far more sense to split this up, especially now it is becoming unwieldy. If I sat at a stretch to do it, it would take far longer than 3 * 45 minutes.

I’m listening to the tail end of 1970 now, and Peter Paul & Mary are Leaving on a Jet Plane. It still brings tears to my eyes, even after all this time. A sad tale of young love, the RAF, and a postal strike… and my First True Love. His name was Stu, and I adored him…. so much, that I let him go. A mature decision at that age. I wonder where he is now and what he is up to.

Before that, Badfinger were on. It recalled times hanging about outside the stage door of the City Hall in Sheffield with my autograph book…

Sweet Sixteen 🙂

Another track played on this  programme was Marmalade’s Reflections of My Life. I think I shall name my Rav project with that title. LOL

Well, knitting got in the way of normal activities and therefore lunch will come from the freezer. This is not so bad – we can have a dollop of that delicious homemade mayonaisse that I made yesterday on our chips –  and we shall no doubt have a conversation over lunch, recalling  the time when we could afford to hop off to Brussels for the weekend.

A bottle of Leffe Blond would be appropriate about now.

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