I first came across p2tog when hunting for sock yarn on eBay. I purchased two skeins of Trekking Hand Art in May 2008 – the price was very good but, far more importantly, the p&p was low. The feedback rating for p2tog was 100%. Communications turned out to be excellent and delivery was speedy. Alison seemed to be the perfect eBay dealer and I was very happy to make further purchases – which I did.

Just a couple of weeks later when I was hunting for a supply of Knitpicks DPN sets, I found that p2tog had them – hurrah. Again, the price was right and p&p refreshingly cheap. Another sale was made. Another very happy purchase for me, and really impressive customer service.

I’m not sure when it impinged on my consciousnes that p2tog was an online business and that there was a website full of knitty loveliness – p2tog sock yarn store


Make a note of that URL, it’s a useful one.

From time to time I have landed up at Alison’s shop. I am sure I must have made purchases but I cannot track them right now to confirm that point. I do know that it turns up in searches for most items I am interested in, which means that she has the right stock! Almost always she has the lowest price/delivery combination as well. The shop charges just £1 for each order. Imagine that; it’s unheard of! Delivery may be cheap but it is nonetheless incredibly fast – even all the way up here to Orkney.

Last week I placed an order for circular needles:

KnitPro Symfonie Wood Interchangeable Needle Starter Set

KnitPro Symfonie Wood Interchangeable Needle Starter Set

and one of these useful little items:

KnitPro Simplex Chart Keeper (Large)

KnitPro Simplex Chart Keeper

I placed the order on the 30th September. The needles were reported as out of stock and promised as soon as they came in. The chart keeper arrived on the 2nd October and Alsion told me that the needles had come in and been dispatched on that day too. They arrived on Monday morning, the 5th October. Throughout the process, Alison kept me informed with friendly emails.

In short, this blog highly recommends the p2tog sock yarn store – wholeheartedly and unreservedly to sock knitters everywhere, and other kinds of knitters too! I’ll be taking more of my own business there in the future, you may be certain of that.

There will be separate reviews of the items that I ordered.

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