Just a sneak preview – it’s too dark and grey to get a shot without flash. The flash bleached the colour a bit, especially of the copper thread. The photos don’t do justice to the fabulous colours of the Copperpot roving.

First skein, of perhaps three:

Flambe-thb Flambe-2-thb

I think that it is totally gorgeous, even if it isn’t very well spun.

I split the roving into three and spun the red and orange end to end, then plyed it with the purple part – plus a fine copper coloured rayon thread. Intentionally thick and thin and intentionally loosely spun and loosely plyed.

What shall I do with it? I was thinking perhaps the Colinette “Iris” ear flap hat? There should be enough yarn to make two of them, I think. Perhaps I should make something more exotic than that – but what would this yarn lend itself to?

I am thinking of calling this yarn Flambé (at least until I think of something smarter)